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RP009 Foot Lock Tray & Lip

These convenient foot lock trays feature a non-glued tray design with side panels that form the foot and lock portion of the box. The innovative design of these foot lock trays features a male lock that is smaller in size than the female lock portion of the lock structure to allow for enhanc...

RP008 Double Glued Side Wall Tray & Lid

All custom sizes available Easy to assemble; shipped flat to ensure quality on delivery Available in gloss, matte and lamination coating Durable and aesthetically pleasing Perfectly suited for premium products including cosmetics, food and retail product packaging

RP007 Roll Ends With Lid

Fully customizable roll end with lid packaging boxes Unglued box that can be assembled and folded easily Dust flaps and cherry locks can be added for extra stability Ships flat and can be secured without staples or glue Best used for electronics and pharmaceuticals.

RP006 Straight Tuck End

Our custom Straight Tuck End product boxes can be used manually or in an automated assembly line. Clear display window and custom cut outs if required. Perfect for products that require a large window with a front display panel. Quick loading and compact storage with custom Straight Tu...

RP005 5 Panel Hanger Snap Lock Bottom

Can be customized to suit your unique requirements Easy to assemble Sturdy bottom to make sure the products remain intact Perfect for cosmetics, medical and retail packages Features a design that’s based on snap lock bottom style

RP004 Reverse Tuck End

Custom tuck end product boxes suitable for light weight and delicate products. Multipurpose box style. Can be customized with extra cut outs, windows and locks. Top and bottom closure panels for better accessibility. Slit lock tuck located at the bottom that keeps packaged products ...

RP003 5 Panel Hanger Tuck End

Design based on reverse tuck end style Punch holes on both layers for hanging purposes Ideal for cosmetics, electronics and as retail packages that need to be hanged. Used popularly as POP or point of purchase displays Designed to be hanged on pegs.

RP002 Tuck End Snap Lock Bottom

Custom printed tuck end snap lock bottom boxes perfect for heavy products Relatively quick loading in 3 steps Sturdy bottom panel to ensure products remain intact. Nice and flat bottom to ensure maximum shelf grip Can be assembled with ease Compact storage possible since it can b...

RP001 Tab Lock Roll End

The roll end corrugated box offers a locking cover that displays double locking positions on the bottom panel. Extra locking panel on lip plane, to ensure that your custom corrugated box packaging is strong and reliable. Extremely sturdy and reliable. Used commonly for shipping and electr...